AG, home of the Megastructure, is known for designing and constructing some of the largest custom structures in the U.S. We are equipped to provide our clients with the perfect structure or roof system, no matter the size requirement.
AG provides a range of roof structures, designed for a full range of live events, music and arts festivals.
Unlike our competitors, we adapt each structure to the unique requirements of the job.
Each structure can be custom designed to fit our clients specific needs. We can make them bigger, longer, & higher, but also cater to a client whose needs are more moderate.
The structures are built to hold massive amounts of production (Lighting, Video, Automation & Audio). When it comes to a vision, the sky is the limit.

AG combines the latest techniques with years of experience in the touring, Corporate and Festival circuits to translate every possible dream into a reality.
Structure is often overlooked in the process but can redefine any live event and make an immediate impact on your audience.

• Compact size for cost effective shipping/trucking

• Adaptability